See the Troop Manual Advancement Section for general information on advancement.

Rank Advancement

Merit Badges

A comprehensive list of all Merit Badge Counselors for Hockanum River District attached below. 

To see all the  Merit Badges offered  http://usscouts.org/mb/mbindex.asp

Troop 156 Eagle required Merit Badge course schedule.

Becomming a Merit Badge Counselor

It's easy to become a Merit Badge Counselor.  Download form 344051...the instructions are on the form.  You can fill out and save the form if you like.  Complete youth protection training and print a copy of your certificate.  Fill out an adult application with code 42 entered (you need to do this regardless if you have submitted an adult application for another position).


ht "tp://www.ctrivers.org/Scouting/Advancement/AdvancementRelatedForms"