Welcome to Troop 156

Boy Scout Troop 156 meets on Wednesdays from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM usually in the Gideon Welles School cafeteria. Boys from 10 to 17 are always welcome to join. Just come by and see us on most Wednesdays. Please check our Calendar first though because we’re often out camping or having fun in some other way!

Klondike Derby 2016

AT Hike 2014

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 In front of the George Washing Bridge on the '14 Urban Hike



Our chartering organization is
The Congregational Church
in South Glastonbury.

Scouts of all Faiths
in our Troop

Klondike Pictures

Posted by jbyram on Jan 23 2017 - 4:36pm

Anyone who has pictures from the Klondike please email me, the historian at @troop156historian@gmail.com

Scout Sunday: Volunteers Needed

Posted by zkhan on Jan 14 2017 - 1:25pm

We are looking for 4 volunteers to usher the 10:30-11:30 service at South Church for Scout Sunday on February 5th. This is an important event as our troop is chartered through South Church and it is a great opportunity to show our support and appreciation. The time can go toward your service hours as well. For the scouts not attending the Winter Trek please contact me if you are available. Alison Arborio at ajarborio@hotmail.com. 

Lots of Merit Badge and Advancement information

Posted by gjohnson2 on Dec 29 2016 - 2:01pm

Merit Badges

Troop meetings resume the Wed. after New Year's, which is Jan. 4th.
The boy leaders would like to have merit badge classes take place
during the meetings, which will help better manage that evening's

At the first meeting or two, we will work to finish Citizenship in the
Community and Communications badges.  Make sure you bring your work to
review, and your blue cards.  We'd like to have these badges finished
by the February Court of Honor.

Each semester, the Troop offers an Eagle Scout required merit badge.
This helps the scouts earn these important badges over a 3 year
period....two per year, plus summer camp Eagle badges.  If a scout
misses one badge in the cycle, he can work on it independently or with
the next group a few years later.

In mid- January, we will start Citizenship in the Nation(needed by 18 scouts) and Personal
Management(10 older scouts need, plus others who need both) activities during the meeting.  Any scouts who have not
earned Citizenship in the Nation will work on this badge.  We need two
counselors for each badge.  Currently, Bill Vincelette is running
Personal Management(suggested for older scouts), and he can use another adult or two to help out.
We also need Citizenship in the Nation MB counselors.  For scouts who
have earned both badges already, we'll work on a non-Eagle required
merit badge or two.  (Music, Scholarship are two that have been
mentioned -  no musically ability is required)  This is a good place
for new Scout parents to help.

The link to merit badge requirements is here.
Citizenship in the Nation: http://usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/mb003.asp
(we'll cover req. 2 during the Philadelphia city hike and/or the
Gettysburg campout.)
Personal Management: http://usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/mb011.asp

Advancement changes

A couple years ago, BSA updated the rank requirements which took
effect in 2016, allowing for carryover throughout the year.  Most
changes revolve around Scout through 1st Class ranks.  Our new scouts
in 2016 are using the new requirements.  Older scouts needed to
complete a rank before 2017, otherwise the requirements change and you
will need to include additional requirements to your effort.  The
changes effort approx. 5 scouts, as we have 41 Scouts at 1st Class or
higher, though they will see changes too.  There is no need to buy a
new Scout handbook.  The requirements can be found on this link.
http://usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/mb011.asp    Please review and feel
free to see me at the next meeting with any questions.

Recent Eagle Scout Rank Achievement

Posted by jbyram on Dec 14 2016 - 8:25pm

Congratulations to Will Boyd, Ziv Kaputa, Lorenzo Zaccardelli and Johnathan Dumeer for getting Eagle Scout Rank

You can View the rest of the pictures here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9OtFJjCadm4a1d1Z1NEMV95NWM

Eagle Project Opportunity at Audubon Center – Mr. Bancroft Visiting at Wed. Nov 30 Troop Meeting to Discuss and Answer Questions

Posted by rcrudolph on Nov 28 2016 - 11:54am

The Glastonbury Audubon Center has an aquatics educational/conservation program where students study and take water samples from Tom's Pond in Earle Park. Michelle Eckman, the new director of the Glastonbury Audubon Center, would like a Scout to construct a short pier/platform over the water, near the water surface. She's discussed the project with the town's conservation officer, Tom Macho, and he's provided some suggestions. She's hoping that the project might be constructed during the spring/early summer 2017.

Avery Motycka Eagle Scout Project on Fox News

Posted by zkhan on Nov 20 2016 - 6:45pm

Avery Motycka of Troop 156 has worked to create at Revolutionary War monument in Hubbard Green.

Fox News has covered his hardwork, check it out here: http://fox61.com/2016/11/11/glastonbury-teen-finds-way-to-honor-veterans...