Welcome to Troop 156

Boy Scout Troop 156 meets on Wednesdays from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM usually in the Gideon Welles School cafeteria. Boys from 10 to 17 are always welcome to join. Just come by and see us on most Wednesdays. Please check our Calendar first though because we’re often out camping or having fun in some other way!

Klondike Derby 2016

AT Hike 2014

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 In front of the George Washing Bridge on the '14 Urban Hike



Our chartering organization is
The Congregational Church
in South Glastonbury.

Scouts of all Faiths
in our Troop

Free Scouting opportunity

Posted by jditomasso on Jun 20 2014 - 8:35pm

Hello Troop, we have an opportunity to have our very own Troop trailer.

We have a supporter who has graciously donated a trailer to our troop. 

The troop would like to accept the donation and now we are in need of somewhere to park it.

If there is a family that would like to store the troop trailer on their property for the troop, the troop will be happy to use this as payment for the Troop scouting fee for the year.  The scout family will save the signup fees that are due in September at the start of the scouting signup year.  The trailer is in very good condition and we are getting it mechanically inspected and repaired as needed and the body will also be sanded and repainted for a clean long lasting life.  We are not planning on making it look like a billboard advertising BSA but, we are planning on having a small logo on it.  We will be asking for donations for these repairs.  Troop family Contributors will also be allowed to use the trailer to move items if they are in need of a trailer.

Interior space for 2 Klondike Sleds 1 on each side = 98” long x 33” wide

Basic floor space 8’ x 5’-9”

Thank you for supporting our troop.

Camp Sikorsky 2014

Posted by mcanning on Jun 12 2014 - 7:18pm

Camp Sikorsky offers scouts an opportunity to camp at and see the incredible, and incredibly large, Sikorsky helicopter facility, home of the Black Hawk helicopter. Scouts also work toward merit badges under the guidance of employee experts who volunteer to teach them. Scouts get to camp on the front lawn, eat all of their meals in Sikorsky’s cafeteria, hear from experienced professional pilots and engineers, and participate in an exciting plant tour on Sunday.  The event offers Scouts the opportunity to attend 2 (of 13) different merit badge classes, including American Business, Computers, Electricity, Engineering, and of course, Aviation.   

Troop 156 Adult Positions needed to be filled 2014-2015

Posted by dschwarz1 on May 26 2014 - 9:30pm

These are ALL the Positions with Descriptions of duties and responsibilities the troop needs to fill.

Please take the time, step-up and help the troop have another GREAT season in 2014-2015  Thank you !!!!!

South Park Inn Soup Kitchen Community Service Opportunity

Posted on Apr 22 2014 - 1:52pm

The Troop has been asked to prepare and serve a meal at South Park Inn in Hartford by the South Congregational Church, our Chartering Organization.  We will be planning for, preparing, and serving a meal at South Park Inn in Hartford, CT. This is a great way to give back to the community and to our Chartering Organization while also having the opportunity to earn Community Seriice hours towards merit badge or advancement requirements.  We will be preparing and cooking the food at the South Congregation Church kitchen and then will be transporting it to South Park Inn located in Hartford to serve roughly 130 people.  The meal will be comprised of Pene Pasta with sause and meatballs, a tosted salad with italian dressing, and bread with cookies for desert. 

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